Sleepy in Seattle

After I failed my phone interview with them, Amazon was kind enough to buy me a ticket to Seattle, Washington for the second stage in-person interview. To say no to that would have been pure stupidity. When I heard the good news I began dancing right on the street.

For reasons that are beyond the scope of this story I have already been full of determination to leave TFO, my job at the time, but with Amazon in the picture, all the mediocre opportunities here in Toronto seemed, well… mediocre to say the least. I needed this job!

To score the mega-interview with Amazon I needed to practice on some local lolcats first. I contacted a recruiter at HAYS, Jeremy, who was kind enough to arrange a meeting with me later that day. My boss called me into his office and I missed the meeting with Jeremy. Apologizing I rescheduled for the following morning. Jeremy and I arranged some phone interviews, all of which were also in the morning and, as a result, I was late to work several mornings in a row.

My boss took me to HR for my tardiness. I counterattacked my boss with a vacation request: 1 day for 2 interviews here in Toronto, 2 days for my trip to Seattle. In the midst of the chaos I simply forgot that 3 years ago, I conducted this guy’s interview and got him hired.

Thus began my weird vacation. First, a day of local interviews. The first company was amazing, the second, just plain terrible. To fight the stress I listened to an audio course on Mandarin Chinese in my car.

Then I went to Seattle. Immediately after I landed I sensed the smell of the ocean in the air.

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