Los Angeles

Boot-cut jeans It was a nice California night and I wanted to go for a walk. It has gotten quite chilly, so I put on my slim boot-cut jeans, slipped into a pair of beautiful Salamander dress shoes I bought in Budapest three years ago and touched the door handle when the latter suddenly moved. […]

Sleepy in Seattle

After I failed my phone interview with them, Amazon was kind enough to buy me a ticket to Seattle, Washington for the second stage in-person interview. To say no to that would have been pure stupidity. When I heard the good news I began dancing right on the street. For reasons that are beyond the […]

This is TOKYO!

Japan is crazy. Don’t go in there expecting a Las Vegas-style adult Disney Land, it is a common misconception. Me and Vassi sure as hell expected a Disney Land. You can’t imagine our disappointment… Frankly because there was none. That’s right, we still went through with our naughty plans. Here are some things we did… Naughty things that […]