Los Angeles

Boot-cut jeans It was a nice California night and I wanted to go for a walk. It has gotten quite chilly, so I put on my slim boot-cut jeans, slipped into a pair of beautiful Salamander dress shoes I bought in Budapest three years ago and touched the door handle when the latter suddenly moved. […]

St Lucia

On Christmas eve the rain that for the most part of the day was no more than a drizzle turned into a fully-fledged thunderstorm with thunder and lighting. At the island airport an empty luggage container broke loose, wheeled onto the flooded runway and was smashed into pieces when a collosal Virgin Atlantic Airbus coming […]

A weekend in Milan

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, I am not a rich jerk sugar daddy. Even though spending a weekend in Italy sounds like something only millionaires do, even though I of all people invest a ridiculous amount of money my travels. Even by my standards going for just 2 days to […]

Montenegro!! WHOO-HOO!!!

It turns out there are no direct flights from Toronto to the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. I stressed the hell out of my travel agent while buying tickets. Three connecting flight through Brussels and Budapest was the best she could do for me. That same day I also went to Sears and bought an extra […]

Bahama mama

Let me hear you say “ya mon.” YA MON! That is the spirit!


As far as adventures go this one was a misadventure. Don’t get me wrong, my dear reader, Mexico is beautiful. Here is a snorkeling video which may portray Mexico in a somewhat happy light. There I do a backflip from the diving platform at the sinkhole of the Ik-Kil provincial park. Was it scary? Yes, […]


This was a fun little trip! My first day I talked to the entertainment crew and learned that there was to be a talent show that night. I asked them to put me in. During dinner that night I spotted a beautiful girl around 20 years of age. She was grabbing cakes from the buffet […]