• This is TOKYO!!!
  • Montenegro! WHOO-HOO!

Los Angeles

Boot-cut jeans It was a nice California night and I wanted to go for a walk. It has gotten quite chilly, so I put on my slim boot-cut jeans, slipped into a pair of beautiful Salamander dress shoes I bought in Budapest three years ago and touched the door handle when the latter suddenly moved. […]

St Lucia

On Christmas eve the rain that for the most part of the day was no more than a drizzle turned into a fully-fledged thunderstorm with thunder and lighting. At the island airport an empty luggage container broke loose, wheeled onto the flooded runway and was smashed into pieces when a collosal Virgin Atlantic Airbus coming […]

Sleepy in Seattle

After I failed my phone interview with them, Amazon was kind enough to buy me a ticket to Seattle, Washington for the second stage in-person interview. To say no to that would have been pure stupidity. When I heard the good news I began dancing right on the street. For reasons that are beyond the […]

Ah si… Italia!

This winter I certainly did more skiing than ever in my life. I may actually love winter more than any other season out there. Whether or not it was because of skiing or because of the amount of food I ate in Italy. Or maybe it was the Grappa… Yep definitely was the Grappa.

Whistling in Whistler

Whistler is an amazing resort if you want to boost your skiing or snowboarding skills. It is a shortcut to the expert level. If you survive that is… Gallery coming soon

A weekend in Milan

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, I am not a rich jerk sugar daddy. Even though spending a weekend in Italy sounds like something only millionaires do, even though I of all people invest a ridiculous amount of money my travels. Even by my standards going for just 2 days to […]

This is TOKYO!

Japan is crazy. Don’t go in there expecting a Las Vegas-style adult Disney Land, it is a common misconception. Me and Vassi sure as hell expected a Disney Land. You can’t imagine our disappointment… Frankly because there was none. That’s right, we still went through with our naughty plans. Here are some things we did… Naughty things that […]

Montenegro!! WHOO-HOO!!!

It turns out there are no direct flights from Toronto to the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. I stressed the hell out of my travel agent while buying tickets. Three connecting flight through Brussels and Budapest was the best she could do for me. That same day I also went to Sears and bought an extra […]

Bahama mama

Let me hear you say “ya mon.” YA MON! That is the spirit!


As far as adventures go this one was a misadventure. Don’t get me wrong, my dear reader, Mexico is beautiful. Here is a snorkeling video which may portray Mexico in a somewhat happy light. There I do a backflip from the diving platform at the sinkhole of the Ik-Kil provincial park. Was it scary? Yes, […]

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