Serotonin booster

Go into horse stance (VERY LOW!): Punches… take a break High blocks + stepping to side back and forth… take a break Outside blocks + stepping… take a break Inside blocks + stepping… take a break Low blocks + stepping… take a break As you take breaks you notice muscles can take a lot more when exercise […]

Endurance workout

Here is an intense workout where we make you immune to pain and fatigue in the big muscle groups. This workout focuses on: horse stance cat stance slow pushups fast punching (Wing Chun style) new and improveds

Karate workout 2

Here is a workout that is complimentary to Karate worout 1. This workout focuses on back muscles and a sense of balance. 80 pushups 40 situps skydiving: back exercise horse stance kicks balance exercises mawashi geris (roundhouse kicks)

Karate workout 1

More content coming soon, content such as tip tricks and routines… just kidding, it’s all hard work actually, no tricks. That was a bad sales pitch… Anyways enjoy this video, more are on the way 🙂 This workout focuses on front body strength with heavy emphasis on triceps, biceps and abs. 100 pushups (ouch!) 30 […]