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Those of us who like staying fit, working out, do martial arts or dance or just want to get a general boost of serotonin at the end of a long day in the office will often find gyms, dojos and other similar venues to balance their work-life habits. There are days, however, when we simply don’t have time to go to the dojo. So here you can find 20-25 minute easy (or not-so-easy) to follow workout videos that will help you get the most out of your day despite the tight schedule.

These videos are aimed at those who want to stay in shape, despite recurring gaps in their training, boost their muscle endurance, coordination or sense of accomplishment that comes after a good workout.

And the best part is, you don’t need any equipment. The floor is your best friend (or so they say in the┬ámartial art┬áSystema). These exercises are picked out of my personal experience with martial arts and other form of fitness that does not require the uses of the large gym machines.


About these machines. Here are some reasons why I don’t like them. They are bulky. Expensive. They work only one muscle. You can easily set the wrong weight and not even notice how you overwork some muscles and be in pain the next day. They are good if that is your goal. After all, muscles get bigger when they tear and regrow. (These are micro-tears by the way, we are not snapping your bicep in half!) Nevertheless I think it is an overkill to use machines whereas the weight of your own human body and a hard floor provide more than adequate range of exercises that are suited for your weight and size.

Good luck, future Arnies!

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