What is Cadabra?

Cadabra is a .NET generator of CMS based on Entity Framework (code-first or EDMX), build with KnockoutJS, XSLT and a whole other range of goodies… YUM! The purpose of this page is to document (briefly) how to use Cadabra, the features available in Cadabra as well as any FAQs.

How to use Cadabra

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Features of Cadabra

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FAQ (@#&%^%$*)

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  1. John Miyao says:

    Hey Mikhail!

    I came across your site (obviously) and had to reach out to you. You said you’re a traveler, what’s the next country or city you want to visit? I’m having a hard time deciding, I think I want to go to Korea next. Mostly because I have some good friends living there and it seems like they have a pretty good nightlife.

    I’m curious to know what your specialties are as far as programming languages. Have you done any mobile work? I’m looking to connect and get to know your background and career interests in case we have your “dream” job with one of our clients.

    Feel free to contact me at any time and have a great week!

    • miktemk says:

      Hi John,
      Go to Korea for sure! Best part of any trip is meeting people that live there, especially if they are your friends.
      I do website development in C# (.NET) jQuery, knockout, angular, I also do database work in SQL and .NET entity framework.

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