This is TOKYO

Japan is crazy. Don’t go in there expecting a Las Vegas-style adult Disney Land, it is a┬ácommon misconception. Me and Vassi sure as hell expected a Disney Land. You can’t imagine our disappointment… Frankly because there was none. That’s right, we still went through with our naughty plans. Here are some things we did… Naughty things that is.

Let’s start from the beginning. As we got off the plane, through the passport control,
through the line for the Japan Rail Pass where for at least 15 minutes I tried to chat up a
blonde from Kentucky, who ended up being married, mind you I am always last to notice
these things, Japan didn’t at all seem different from Toronto. It was only when we got out
at the Ikebukuro train station that the madness had started. Jet-lagged and unimaginably
hunry we pushed through thousands of people looking for a good restaurant. I am sure
there were tons, but tell that to the hungry stomach. That plus all the people yelling
SUMIMASEEEN!!! GOZAIMAAAS!!! That just struck an additional anvil over our

I stopped a couple girls asking them for directions, mostly because they were cute, not because I cared for directions. Vassikkan fumbled with the camera trying to film these
interactions. Here is the end result.

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