The map is ready!

I wrote a sexy-mexy AngularJS map widget called ng-map. If you visit the map page on my travel blog, you’ll see in in action. You click on funny labels on the image and it navigates to different images with a cool fading effect. The navigation tree is stored in a JSON file. It basically allows you to quickly slap together a 2-dimensional navigable presentation panel. You can use it, like me, for presenting your travels, for slapping together complex diagrams, for kid’s to explore, etc. The possibilities are limitless!

XML Serialization in C#

…is VERY poorly documented. So once and for all, let’s change that. XML parsing and XML serialization in C# is very easy, guys. You just need to write proper binding classes. Plus you need to know what the different C# attributes do. In this article I will simply provide a bunch of examples of different types of XML binding. Namely, elements, attributes, inline lists, etc.

SQL group by and get top record

Given a table we want to group by a column and get top record from each group based on a custom sort criteria. Forget SQL for a second… Ever had this problem? Given 10 groups of girls (grouped by some style discriminator such as blonde, brunnete, asian, latina, brasilian1, brasilian2, brasilian3, etc), you want to pick the hottest one out of each group. I sure as hell did… Hmmm good times those were… … …AAAAAnyways, back to SQL…

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