jQuery DOM manipulation

Before we used to go like this: Nowadays with jQuery things are simpler and we can go: jQuery comes with a bunch of DOM manipulation functions and chaining them can give you really wicked results. The trick is to know what order to chain them in.┬áHere is the documentation for all such methods. For the […]

AngularJS directives


One cool feature of AngularJS is that it allows you to create custom HTML elements. You can achieve this by writing directives which are invoked when a certain DOM element is created. In other words, you get to intoduce your own HTML elements and attributes.

Welcome to the new Chef Made EASY!

We live on a rich planet, a planet full of vegetation, meat, produce, we as humans have learned to harvest them and it is the dominant aspect of the human species over other animals. The ability to cook. This is what separated homo sapiens and neanderthals from earlier evolutionary steps of the humankind. Learning to cook is, in my opinion, an essential part of being and neglecting this aspect of your life can leave you not just nutritionally but also culturally deprived.

This is TOKYO

I stopped a couple girls asking them for directions, mostly because they were cute, not because I cared for directions. Vassikkan fumbled with the camera trying to film these interactions. Here is the end result

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