Managing code


Running a software development business requires managing code, keeping it tidy, bug-free, up to date and easy to maintain. When you have millions of lines of code to keep in your head, you better as hell be organized. Add a few people to the team and the spaghetti code can quickly turn into mambo-jumbo. On […]

ALT shortcuts for accents in European languages


NOTE: this article is about Windows. I have never tried this on Unix. How do we type the following accented characters? è, é, à, etc Method 1 You can go to Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages > Change Keyboards… > Add… Do it for French, German, Hungarian… Whoa! Are you that much […]

The plane (poem)


The plane came flying, Hanging between two worlds, Like I hung Between freedom and solitude. The plane carried with it a heavy residue From winds singing to it Their strange songs, Their speechless songs, Their songs of emptiness, Their songs of freedom, The freedom I gave up Subduing myself to life’s meticulous design So that […]

The must-know Javascript libraries


WARNING: This article is loaded. Cheers… There is a lot out there. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Nor the bicycle. Nor, in some not-so-rare cases the spaceship. Chances are, if it is somewhat useful, it’s been done already. Problem is in the knowing. .NET is a good example. We pay for it. We pay for the core […]

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